We don't just process your accounts, we make sure that your accounts are prepared to the latest accounting standards and that you are correctly claiming the necessary expenses and allowances so not to over or under paying tax.

Whether your accounting records are kept by an experienced bookkeeper or are in a bag under your desk that you just can’t face, we can help prepare your annual accounts for a set fee agreed in advance of any work commencing.

Don't just see your end of year accounts as a necessity in order to work out your tax. Your end of year accounts should be invaluable information about your business in order to review the performance and growth of your business.

We will go through your accounts with you in order to make sure you understand the figures and can use them to your benefit.

Whether your a Limited company, sole trader, Limited Liability partnership or partnership let us take the stress out of preparing the end of year accounts and make the figures work for you.


Limited Companys and Limited Liability Partnerships, accounts are due for filing with Companies House 9 months (public companies only have 6 months) after the year end. Penalties for late filing start from £150 and increase depending on how later the accounts are filed.


Corporation tax is payable 9 months and 1 day after the year end and therefore it is important to get your accounts prepared as soon as possible in order that we can calculate your liability in advance.


For Sole trader and partnership deadlines, please see personal tax.