We provide a comprehensive tax return service, whether you are an employee, self employed, company director, partnership or have a complicated tax issue we will prepare your return and calculate your tax liability to ensure that you are paying the correct amount of tax and claiming all your allowable deductions.

Our tax return services start from £150 for a basic tax return and all jobs are assessed prior to work commencing and fees agreed in advance.

It is important to remember that the UK system works on self assessment, so even if you have not been issued with a tax return, you may be required to complete one.

Paper returns must have been filed by the 31 October, which is also the deadline for any tax liability under £2,000 being collected via your notice of codings, so if you are an employee and think that you may have a tax liability this is an important deadline.

We will file all returns online and calculate any tax liabilities for you, so if you miss this deadline we still have until the 31 January in order to file the return and avoid any late filing penalties.


Please remember that the UK tax system is on a self assessment basis, so even if you have not been requested to file a tax return it is your responsibility to notify the Revenue of your income. The most commonly over looked income is that from investments, such as dividends or rental income.


If you are a higher rate tax payer and receive investment income there may be additional tax due, even if basic rate tax has been deducted.


However, if you are paying into a pension scheme or donated to a charity under Gift AID, you may not have received the full reliefs and could be due a tax refund.